Episode #4: Blogosphere roundup, Jan 27, 2011

In this week’s blogosphere roundup, we bring you some of the more interesting posts that came to our attention over the last two weeks.

Check them out, and let us know what you think!

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  • Cheers for the cast chaps. always good to listen. I think you might want to get improved mics, or maybe run a compressor over the audio before uploading it becasue the levels are all over the place.. but it’s still all understandable.

    Anyways, I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on what is possibly my biggest issue with christianity and supernaturalism generally. this is the question of whether or not we have an immaterial soul. I’ve become a physicalist over the years mainly because of what I have read regarding neurological science.

    I note also from reading some of Steve’s blogging (older articles on preterism) that “resurrection of the body” is not a doctrine he fully supports (apologies if I’ve read you wrong steve). anyways, without an immaterial “soul”, resurrection of the body appears to me to be the only hope for any kind of ongoing conciouss life after this one. I love this topic and have read alot of nancey murphy .. . it’d be good to hear what you chaps think on this.

    • damnit.. reasons not to listen to podcasts whilst cookink.. I put a piece of lamb in the pan with that sorbent bllod-soaked paper still attached. Burned the lamb and ruined the pan!

    • phil_style,

      Thanks. Matthew’s mic was certainly less than ideal this time around, since we ran into a recording problem at the last minute and he had to improvise (he recorded through his iPod Touch!). Granted, I should have adjusted the levels…*sigh* Glad you could make it out anyway.

      I’m generally a physicalist as well, having also been influenced a bit by Nancy Murphy (although I haven’t read “a lot” of her). Glenn Peoples has done quite a bit on that subject; I’m thinking specifically of his podcast series on that topic (look here). Yours is a good question I’ve thought a bit about, and my (non-reductive) physicalism does seem to work best with a bodily resurrection, but philosophy of mind is such a deep subject that I’ve yet to come to any firm conclusions on the matter, truth be told. Sounds like a good subject for a show some time…hmmm…

      • thanks for the link to glenn’s podcast. Always good to hear annother kiwi accent in the blogsphere.

        • In that case, I’ll try affecting one on the next show. 😉

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