Episode #25: Interview with David Withun

David Withun is the author of the popular blog Pious Fabrications, dedicated to a scholarly discussion of church history. He joins us this week to discuss his colorful history with (and without) religion (as described in this blog post) before settling upon his current Eastern Orthodox commitments. We chat about differences in Eastern and Western modes of thinking, the role of the Body of Christ within Orthodoxy, and his view on the nature and value of Scripture.

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  • Jnorman

    Ecclesiology and Christology are related.

  • Jnorm

    Yupp, all the above.

    The Reconciliation of the Universe with God. Us just being the first fruits……Theosis.

  • Jnorm

    Physiology shouldn’t be negated if we are synergists. It’s both God and man. It’s both physical and nonphysical. Salvation is for all of man(visible and invisible aspects of man) and so it’s both!

    I would say it’s gnostic to believe that it’s only invisible and has nothing to do with our visible bodies. In Orthodoxy Salvation is not just for the soul alone. It’s for the whole man, both body and soul.

    Also, if we believe that the physical world can be used as a means of grace, then physiology can’t be negated.

  • Jnorm

    Western Christianity (The Augustinian and Anselm/Thomistic) also produced Science for us. Back in the day Science wasn’t secular, but it is now. Everything about the west isn’t bad. But there needs to be moderation and sobriety on both sides. EAST and West.