• Petersmith59

    Travis and co-host,  I was reading an essay by Bertrand Russell last night called ‘Why I am not a Christian’.  He levels upon hypocrisy as one of the inherent things to be found in organised religion when you compare how The Church behaves set against how the Founder of the Chuch behaved and taught.

    Christians are not singled out – all Religions he fires his braoadside at. So pornography as an income stream for the Vatican is more or less par for the course, as Bertrand Russell sees things.  I got interested when you two spoke about the ‘they will do it anyway’ argument to ‘justify’ Catholic income from naughty pictures.  I guess there’s some theology behind that attitude somewhere?  Making money from the irrecoverably lost is not an offence towards God – sort of argument.

    Isn’t it Proverbs that says, ‘He who plays with pitch will be defiled’? I guess it’s as simple as that really. 

    The talk about Obama (O’Barmy to his Irish relatives) and money was interesting too and the motto on the dollar bill ‘In God we Trust’.  Set me thinking about a Theology of Money, the metaphysical power of money, the abstract and elusive substance we call money, and how we trust in it, and about the parallels that such a trust in something so untenable as money has with our trust and hope and goodwill towards God. 

    Steve, if you’re around and reading, another topic for your pen?